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Version one of features one of my very favourite mangas of all time, which is Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, drawn by the lovely ladies CLAMP who I swear are out to shred my heart into tiny tiny pieces every time. Sakura and Syaoran are one of my biggest OTPs and cause me a lot of pain and crying only because they're perfect. With my interests shifting quite heavily to K-pop and RPF since I first started designing, I thought that it would be nice to go back to where my web designing roots first began, and create an anime-inspired layout. It's a pretty simple layout, all things considered. I had the base layout actually completely coded sometime around September 2013, although it took me like 4 months before I got myself not-lazy enough to upload everything properly onto the server itself. Such is life, and the woes of a law student.

Credits for the layout go to the following sites:

Background Pattern:
Images: Minitokyo | Kuusou
Pixel images: ohpixels @ tumblr
Fonts used: Zapfino and Century Gothic
Designed and coded: Adobe Photoshop CS6, Textwrangler for Mac
Inspiration: for all it's worth


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