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This honestly isn't my first collective, in fact, it's actually somewhere near my sixth. But I do have a penchant for buying and hoarding pretty domain names and finding uses for them later. was named appropriately because it was the amalgamation of things that I adored - love, and jamming to music. Cheesy, I know, but it served its purposes and became really catchy the more I listened to it. was purchased in July 2013, via Dreamhost, and I got a pretty sweet deal of a domain and hosting with unlimited space and bandwidth. I've had not had much trouble with them so far, which is amazing, and when I have, their support has been pretty quick and thorough. 110% would recommend, if you would like to get started with your own website too.

This domain is subtitled the passionheart network only because I thought it was cute and I thought that it aptly summed up all the domain names I owned. Obviously, constitutes the 'heart' of the network!

This domain was launched in January 2014, mostly because Sarah is a lazy ass and needed someone to kick her to actually do stuff.


« backward | refresh | back to top | home | forward » is part of the passionheart network and maintained by Sarah. This is a fan project and is no way affiliated to CLAMP or Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. No copyright infringement intended.